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a chat session in my room

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1 a chat session in my room on Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:51 pm

luckygirl_8: chu' os mo room roi
luckygirl_8: hi chu'
osamahiep: hehe
luckygirl_8: hi haru
osamahiep: hello 2 be'
Haruumbrella: hi tboj osama, hi sis lucky
luckygirl_8: con bi nhuc' dau^` wa'
osamahiep: os di dun nuo'c
osamahiep: the ha
osamahiep: vay. thi dung ngoi may' nua~
luckygirl_8: da.chu' di di
Haruumbrella: sis take medicine chua
luckygirl_8:' bi ha`
aqua_sky: new room
luckygirl_8: hi sis aqua
Haruumbrella: ak`
aqua_sky: hi lucky`
aqua_sky: hi haru`
aqua_sky: hi osama`
Haruumbrella: hi sis aquasky
luckygirl_8: ch' osama di dun nuoc' tam(' roi^`
Haruumbrella: em thjk ten sis - aqua
aqua_sky: haru` thich uong' aqua fina ha?
Haruumbrella: ko ak
Haruumbrella: aqua ma` co baj lollipop i' sis
Haruumbrella: song
aqua_sky: oh dzay ho?
aqua_sky: haru` la ban cua lucky`?
Haruumbrella: em kem sis lucky 1 tuoj
Haruumbrella: hi sis bobo
luckygirl_8: hehe..bit' tui nhiu tuoi^? la` bao la` kem'...hon
Haruumbrella: sis lucky 18
bobochacha_k: hi haru
Haruumbrella: sis bobo xem het mary stayed out all night chua ?
luckygirl_8: no
luckygirl_8: lol
luckygirl_8: brb
bobochacha_k: cut hung'
bobochacha_k: =.="
luckygirl_8: di tem'
bobochacha_k: co ai bit mi van xinh dep k
GiotDang_KoRea: a rom viet day rui chao moi nguoi
bobochacha_k: sao lai co korean o day
GiotDang_KoRea: o korea nhugn cugn la vn ma co sao dau ban
bobochacha_k: dua thoai ma` ban
osamahiep: troi dong vui qua'
bobochacha_k: chang le korean lai noi tieng viet gioi the'
bobochacha_k: =.="
osamahiep: may' nguoi tu. tap o day lam gi the'
osamahiep: hehehe
GiotDang_KoRea: goc viet ma
GiotDang_KoRea: sang korea lam cuu van ma
bobochacha_k: 0.0
bobochacha_k: =))
osamahiep: hello aqua,lucky,haru.bobo,forever,giotdang
osamahiep: o? dau the' GiotDang
osamahiep: os cung o korea
GiotDang_KoRea: vay ha
bobochacha_k: chac north korea
GiotDang_KoRea: vay noi chuyen di
osamahiep: uh,suwon
GiotDang_KoRea: an san
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GiotDang_KoRea: qua lau chua
osamahiep: chua tung` den'
GiotDang_KoRea: ac
osamahiep: moi' qua duoc. 6 thang
GiotDang_KoRea: suwoun giap an san ma chua tung den ha
GiotDang_KoRea: ac
osamahiep: ah,te' ra la the'
GiotDang_KoRea: thao nao chua den
osamahiep: hehe
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
osamahiep: co' di dau may' dau
GiotDang_KoRea: ca nha mo wc di
GiotDang_KoRea: di di cho biet korea no the nao
osamahiep: uh,
osamahiep: ko thich' bang vietnam
luckygirl_8: chu' ay^' o nha` cham soc' forum thoi^
GiotDang_KoRea: nhiu tuoi rui
osamahiep: 25
GiotDang_KoRea: boy ha
osamahiep: uh
osamahiep: nhin ten la biet
GiotDang_KoRea: qua day lam nghe gi
osamahiep: con` hoi?
osamahiep: hehe
osamahiep: qua hoc.
osamahiep: lucky la girl day'
GiotDang_KoRea: vay la di hoc
bobochacha_k: trui mo? cai wc cho` no video load het ca limited time
bobochacha_k: =.="
GiotDang_KoRea: toi thi di kiem tien ve alay vo
luckygirl_8: ko coi dc cam tuc' we' di
osamahiep: uh,
GiotDang_KoRea: hoc o truogn nao
osamahiep: ajou te hackyo
osamahiep: hehe
luckygirl_8: oh,boy ha?co ly' nha
GiotDang_KoRea: o sueuon luon ha
osamahiep: uh
osamahiep: hi
GiotDang_KoRea: mo w c di nahiep
osamahiep: can u hear me?
lll Sweetl-leart lll: hi osamahiep
luckygirl_8: da,co'
bobochacha_k: all laptops have wc
bobochacha_k: gay thi sao ma girl dc
bobochacha_k: the ban take cai sexy photo o dau day'
foreverandone_87: xa em giot dang anh bong dan quen ^_^
luckygirl_8: anh for
bobochacha_k: dao nay done con lam tho
bobochacha_k: 14/2 is coming, done
bobochacha_k: =))
foreverandone_87: troi
GiotDang_KoRea: 6 nam roi
foreverandone_87: loi bai hat do
foreverandone_87: hoi trc
foreverandone_87: cung dung nick giotdang
foreverandone_87: ben yahoo
foreverandone_87: lol
bobochacha_k: eo
GiotDang_KoRea: sao co
GiotDang_KoRea: 29
GiotDang_KoRea: ben cogn nghiep nang
GiotDang_KoRea: nganh in
luckygirl_8: chu' os sao gay dc...chu' os cung~ thich xem hinh` sexy nhu anh for vay^
GiotDang_KoRea: in xeu
bobochacha_k: lol lucky
GiotDang_KoRea: minh noi dc ko
osamahiep: vay. noi di giot dang
bobochacha_k: hinh` sexy cua chu' chua du? do^
GiotDang_KoRea: thoi mahiep noi di
bobochacha_k: =))
GiotDang_KoRea: de minh hoc tieng anh nha
GiotDang_KoRea: mahiep tieng han chac cugn gioi lamd ung ko
GiotDang_KoRea: vua noi vua dich nha
GiotDang_KoRea: qua day hoc 2 nam phaihoc tieng han ma
luckygirl_8: he's only good at english
GiotDang_KoRea: 2 nam nua
foreverandone_87: hoc bang tieng han ha osama?
GiotDang_KoRea: mahiep
GiotDang_KoRea: chu nhat co hoc ko
GiotDang_KoRea: tieng anh noi hay qua ha
GiotDang_KoRea: phat am cugn ro
GiotDang_KoRea: chi toi minh ko hoc tieng anh
GiotDang_KoRea: dich luon di mahiep
foreverandone_87: di ca ngay roi
GiotDang_KoRea: thi noi tieng anh do
foreverandone_87: lol
foreverandone_87: ko]
GiotDang_KoRea: osam que viet o dau
osamahiep: home province
osamahiep: Hadong town
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
osamahiep: hadong district
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: bac ninh
GiotDang_KoRea: gan truogn the thao
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn rui
foreverandone_87: tuson?
foreverandone_87: tu nha minh len day mat 15'
foreverandone_87: lol
GiotDang_KoRea: moi ca phognv e tu som sap den hoi lim roi do
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn rui
GiotDang_KoRea: forever o dau
GiotDang_KoRea: bac giang
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn rui
GiotDang_KoRea: osama bao gio co thoi gian qua an san choi
GiotDang_KoRea: kich bac cugn dung do
GiotDang_KoRea: kich bac la ten cu
GiotDang_KoRea: oasam cugn hieu ve cuoi nguoi hay qay vay
GiotDang_KoRea: o dau
GiotDang_KoRea: a
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: a
GiotDang_KoRea: do la tren thanhpho
GiotDang_KoRea: biet roi
GiotDang_KoRea: nga 6
GiotDang_KoRea: forever o dau tu son
GiotDang_KoRea: cuoi nguoi
GiotDang_KoRea: ve van hoa truyen thogn do
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
foreverandone_87: ko
foreverandone_87: o gia lam
GiotDang_KoRea: sao bao ban di 15p den ma
GiotDang_KoRea: a
foreverandone_87: di duong 1 len
GiotDang_KoRea: cho nao gia lam
foreverandone_87: nhanh lam
foreverandone_87: hay xuong bac ninh choi
GiotDang_KoRea: uh gia lam thi di qua suot ma
GiotDang_KoRea: vay ha
foreverandone_87: cho duong 5 dau duong 1
GiotDang_KoRea: aaaa
foreverandone_87: thanh pho bac ninh jio xay dung dep ghe
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: ko di lao dong thoi
GiotDang_KoRea: truouh
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: truoc hoc o thuy san
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: di theot ruong roi qua day
foreverandone_87: nguoi vn di dau cung bi coi thuong
GiotDang_KoRea: ko hoc cao dang o bac ninh
GiotDang_KoRea: truogn 4 do
GiotDang_KoRea: o han the dau forever
GiotDang_KoRea: nguoi dan han men khach nam
foreverandone_87: ah
GiotDang_KoRea: ho rat lich su
foreverandone_87: thi ho van men
foreverandone_87: lich su
lan_phuong159: hello
GiotDang_KoRea: chao ban
lan_phuong159: hanoi
GiotDang_KoRea: o lai cugn mien roi
osamahiep: hanoi 1
osamahiep: Hanoi 2
lan_phuong159: my dinh
lan_phuong159: )
lan_phuong159: yeah
lan_phuong159: close to u )
lan_phuong159: sorry
lan_phuong159: my grammar and pro are bad
luckygirl_8: wow,ban giot dang handsome wa'
osamahiep: pronunciation
lan_phuong159: yes
GiotDang_KoRea: dau co
GiotDang_KoRea: sap gia roi
foreverandone_87: hahah osama
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
luckygirl_8: thay^' roi^`
foreverandone_87: impression voi ai chu
GiotDang_KoRea: nhint hay ma
luckygirl_8: lucky thay^' dc him roi^`
GiotDang_KoRea: osama mo wc di
luckygirl_8: ban giot dang hinh` nhu thich ban osama lam'
GiotDang_KoRea: coi mat gap nhau conb iet do ma
GiotDang_KoRea: a vay ha
Haruumbrella: gay huh sis lucky?
GiotDang_KoRea: sao vay
GiotDang_KoRea: tu tat a
luckygirl_8: hok bit'..nhung sao giotdang doi` nhin` chu' os hoai`
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
GiotDang_KoRea: troi moi co 25 ma goi la chu
luckygirl_8: chu' os mo cam cho con nhin` chu' xi' di
GiotDang_KoRea: tui 29 thi chac goi bang chu cao hon qua
GiotDang_KoRea: acac
GiotDang_KoRea: oi
osamahiep: granddad
luckygirl_8: lol
foreverandone_87: lol
foreverandone_87: osama hoi cai
osamahiep: uncle
foreverandone_87: tam jiua thang 3
osamahiep: aunt
foreverandone_87: o han quoc
foreverandone_87: co lanh lam ko?
foreverandone_87: nhiet do khoang bao nhieu
GiotDang_KoRea: van lanh
GiotDang_KoRea: thoi tiet mat
GiotDang_KoRea: ko
foreverandone_87: tam khoang bnhiau
foreverandone_87: bnhieu
GiotDang_KoRea: su won va an san cugn thoi tiet ma
GiotDang_KoRea: gio dang la 5do do
foreverandone_87: <10?
foreverandone_87: uh
luckygirl_8: anh for,hom^ nay room A ko co' gi` hay sao ma` anh for ra som' qua' vay^.?
GiotDang_KoRea: am 18do cugn co
lan_phuong159: nhung no' co' buot' k
GiotDang_KoRea: cugn co do
GiotDang_KoRea: nuo c chay ra ngoai dogn da het
foreverandone_87: troi
foreverandone_87: lucky hay vo room A lam ha
GiotDang_KoRea: ko
GiotDang_KoRea: o day
luckygirl_8: lucky vo^ de^? tim` anh for ma`
GiotDang_KoRea: 2 nam nua chac ve the osama
luckygirl_8: vo^ de cuu' anh for ra
GiotDang_KoRea: cuoc sogn korea buon qua
GiotDang_KoRea: ko co dau osama
GiotDang_KoRea: cugn chi du an du dc 1 xi u
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
lan_phuong159: hâh
lan_phuong159: )
GiotDang_KoRea: xau nhung rat la dat khach
GiotDang_KoRea: sao
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: xau lai con kieu
GiotDang_KoRea: nhin thay met
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: chuyen soi guogn tren tau ngoai dung ho xem la chuyen binh thuong
luckygirl_8: thiet^ ha?granddad?
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
lan_phuong159: phau thuat tham? mi~ ay' oi
GiotDang_KoRea: no duoc tuyen do
GiotDang_KoRea: nhugn nguoi lam truyen hinh
GiotDang_KoRea: dc c\tuyen
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
ben_33: hi osama
GiotDang_KoRea: rat xinh va rat xau
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: thoi
lan_phuong159: ho?
GiotDang_KoRea: osama co gi hoi thi minh tra loi
lan_phuong159: no no
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: ho rat yeu am nhac
luckygirl_8: con fan cua chu' os
lan_phuong159: i'm a fan of uk singers
aqua_sky: yeu am nhac va an uong, phim han nao cung thay toan an la an
GiotDang_KoRea: cugn dc hon 1000 ngan
Haruumbrella: i like us&uk too
GiotDang_KoRea: am thuc ben nay hay lam
ben_33: I like north korean movie stars osama !
GiotDang_KoRea: qua an nhiu va re
GiotDang_KoRea: 100usd
GiotDang_KoRea: 1000usd
osamahiep: 1000 USD
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: neu lam them nhieu thi dc 1treiu 700 ngan tien han
luckygirl_8: lucky xem trong film han` co' mon' gi` dung' ngoai` duong` an do' bang` cai' cay^
GiotDang_KoRea: nhieu dua lam cogn viec nang 1 ngay no dc 200 ngan tien han do
GiotDang_KoRea: nhugn met lam
GiotDang_KoRea: dogn tau
GiotDang_KoRea: o duoi bu san do
GiotDang_KoRea: han
GiotDang_KoRea: binh thogn la dc 2tireu500 ngan tien han 1 thang do
GiotDang_KoRea: a co
GiotDang_KoRea: le an san dan di
GiotDang_KoRea: thich mon nao cugn co
GiotDang_KoRea: do an no cugn re
luckygirl_8: vay^. chu' giong dang' lam` nghe^` gi`?ng mau^~ ha?thay^' chu' handsome
GiotDang_KoRea: hi
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: oi troi oi! xin chao
luckygirl_8: lol
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
GiotDang_KoRea: oi troi oi moi chao dc
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: em yeu anhhhhhh
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: loool
luckygirl_8: haha
osamahiep: cursing
osamahiep: cam mom
osamahiep: shut up
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: anh co noi du'oc tieng anh khong hiep??
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i thought cam on = thank you
Haruumbrella: yeu tien boi osama ha chi ???
GiotDang_KoRea: dang noi do thay
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
osamahiep: cam on!
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: so weird
osamahiep: cam mom
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: so close together
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: like ship and shit
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: cam' on
osamahiep: cam mom
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hey! someone is in my room! gotta go
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: loool
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: : d
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: take care
osamahiep: thank you! shut up
GiotDang_KoRea: haha
GiotDang_KoRea: ai ha osama
GiotDang_KoRea: vay ha
aqua_sky: aaleya la chinese ma?
aqua_sky: goc' chinese
GiotDang_KoRea: a vay a
GiotDang_KoRea: vay la cai yahoo nay co lau roid ugn ko osama
osamahiep: A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.
GiotDang_KoRea: a
GiotDang_KoRea: thay ho noi nhieu
GiotDang_KoRea: o bn korea nay cugn nhiu nguois ai cai nay
GiotDang_KoRea: ho cho minh do
aqua_sky: on earth
GiotDang_KoRea: kho noi ngay xua tieng anh ko dc pho thogn nhu bay gio
GiotDang_KoRea: cho en mu tieng anh la vay
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
lan_phuong159: osa di du hoc. xong di lam ben korea luon a`
Capapied: envying
osamahiep: And then you began evening each others' cups.
Capapied: envy?
GiotDang_KoRea: lam phuogn qua korea choi di
lan_phuong159: ho?
lan_phuong159: minh` chua qua khoi? luy~ tre dau` lang` bao h i'
lan_phuong159: )
aqua_sky: began eyeing*
GiotDang_KoRea: vay qua day di kaka
GiotDang_KoRea: di an chang chang mien
luckygirl_8: lol,sis aqua
GiotDang_KoRea: mon minh den cua korea
lan_phuong159: ng` tron` nhu bi
lan_phuong159: cam? on
luckygirl_8: vay thi` sis aqua edit lai article do' di
lan_phuong159: )
lan_phuong159: shut up=))
osamahiep: 1
luckygirl_8: 11
GiotDang_KoRea: oi dang gnhe noi di osama
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: cu doc ko sao dau
osamahiep: aqua
aqua_sky: troi oi
aqua_sky: thay doi cai screen roi ah
aqua_sky: sao xau' hoac' the kia
aqua_sky: cai nay` xau wa'
aqua_sky: troi`
aqua_sky: xau wa tui ko them post bai dau
GiotDang_KoRea: mit uot qua vay apua
aqua_sky: yup
aqua_sky: lolz giot dang
aqua_sky: nhin` ko co cam hung quay lai
luckygirl_8: con thay^' tam dc
Capapied: aqua, you spell funny hehehe
GiotDang_KoRea: hinh nao ma bao xau osama
aqua_sky: xam' xit. ` mau`
aqua_sky: ??? why capapied?
GiotDang_KoRea: a
GiotDang_KoRea: de cho ca room vui
GiotDang_KoRea: osama ca 1 bai tieng anh di nha
aqua_sky: bun`
Capapied: I am old, I am not used to the internet shorthand
aqua_sky: cai ben ngoai y
luckygirl_8: bai` do' sis aqua viet ha chu'?
aqua_sky: lolz ke tui
aqua_sky: tui thich vay do
aqua_sky: lolz sis di an trom do lucky
osamahiep: de? mai roi~ doi? lai.
aqua_sky: ^^ okay
osamahiep: co ai nghe thay' gi ko
osamahiep: anh cung phong dang noi'
aqua_sky: cho cai nut like di osama
GiotDang_KoRea: nghe
aqua_sky: giong o facebook y
osamahiep: ah`
osamahiep: ok
GiotDang_KoRea: nghe thay ko ro nhu osama
osamahiep: vang
Haruumbrella: sis aqua, sis lucky, 2 sis co use facebook hok?
aqua_sky: sis co dung ma sis bo lau roi haru
aqua_sky: bay h sis chuyen sang dung
luckygirl_8: em ko co' fb
aqua_sky: lolz
aqua_sky: hahahaha
aqua_sky: how much will you pay me then?
aqua_sky: dung roi
aqua_sky: cai kia rac roi wa
aqua_sky: tim mai cha thay cho post bai dau
aqua_sky: cai nay hay hon
anhnguyen991988: Oh, new name for new room...
osamahiep: 1 cent
aqua_sky: 100 for 1 $
aqua_sky: oh my god
anhnguyen991988: iz it purchasable???
luckygirl_8: sis aqua tu reply cho minh` lun
aqua_sky: lolz lucky
osamahiep: 100 USD
luckygirl_8: 100 reply moi' co' dc 1 cent
osamahiep: 1 usd
luckygirl_8: oh
aqua_sky: brb
anhnguyen991988: kinda stuffed and luffed
luckygirl_8: lam` cute member hok co' xu nao` uong^' nuoc' mia' het^'
GiotDang_KoRea: ko
GiotDang_KoRea: chu nhat dc nghi ma
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: di nhau
Haruumbrella: tb osama, o korea, tboj co bjt sungha jung hok ?
GiotDang_KoRea: mai co ranh ko
luckygirl_8: ngay` mai con phan^' dau^' len^ mau` vang`
GiotDang_KoRea: osama ranh len an san choi di
GiotDang_KoRea: a
GiotDang_KoRea: toa nha 64 tang
GiotDang_KoRea: gan iong san
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: ben canh giogn han do
GiotDang_KoRea: sogn han
GiotDang_KoRea: sogn han
GiotDang_KoRea: song han
anhnguyen991988: u r in S Korea?
lan_phuong159: giotdang lam` j ben do' the'
GiotDang_KoRea: di lam kiem tien thoi
anhnguyen991988: oooh.
lan_phuong159: nghe` co
anhnguyen991988: got a cool job there?
lan_phuong159: )
Capapied: getting rich
GiotDang_KoRea: dich di osama
GiotDang_KoRea: minh ko hieu tien anh ma
anhnguyen991988: a chac biet korean?
GiotDang_KoRea: cugn tam thoi
GiotDang_KoRea: vi hoc boi ma
GiotDang_KoRea: ko dc hoc chinh quy
GiotDang_KoRea: len cugn tam dung dc
Capapied: Vay a? GiotDang co biet noi tieng Korean khong?
anhnguyen991988: oh
GiotDang_KoRea: chao hoi thogn thuogn
GiotDang_KoRea: roi cuoc sogn hien tai
GiotDang_KoRea: minh muon gi la co the noi dc
GiotDang_KoRea: nhieu cau noi cugn ko phai noi di noi lai no moi hieu hihi
GiotDang_KoRea: ko nhu osama
GiotDang_KoRea: phat am tieng anh tot lam
GiotDang_KoRea: sau nay cau noi tieng han con tot nua
cognac_3: khong ro~ gi may
anhnguyen991988: Oh, show me some popular phrases, mr Hiep, please
GiotDang_KoRea: osama di du hoc may lam
osamahiep: 2 nam
osamahiep: Hello,--how are you?
anhnguyen991988: yup
GiotDang_KoRea: ku re
lan_phuong159: hâhha
anhnguyen991988: anyonghaseo?
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn rui
anhnguyen991988: how about goodbye?
Capapied: I am older than ANYone hehehe
GiotDang_KoRea: noi chuyen di
GiotDang_KoRea: de lam
lan_phuong159: can giotdang help osa
GiotDang_KoRea: co nhiu mau cau
luckygirl_8: chu' os chu~ trong bai` post small wa'..ko nhin` dc
GiotDang_KoRea: nguoi di noi cho nguoi o lai nghe
GiotDang_KoRea: nguoi o lai noi cho nguoi di nghe
luckygirl_8: da.
anhnguyen991988: hinh nhu cau hoi trong tieng han la co' tu yo? o cuoi cau thi phai ???
GiotDang_KoRea: an nieng ki e xip xi io
Capapied: Da la dieu kho hoc GiotDang
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
GiotDang_KoRea: duoi cau do
GiotDang_KoRea: io
GiotDang_KoRea: ben nay noi nhieu duoi va cach noi khac
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi osama
GiotDang_KoRea: ca phogn ko ai noi chuyen nua a
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: uh
lan_phuong159: co' p? con trai han` dau` gau' lam' a`
anhnguyen991988: hmm... 2 many languages.
GiotDang_KoRea: vi ben nay bon minh di theo lao dong len moi thoi gian chi lao dong thoi
GiotDang_KoRea: dau co duoc hoc nhu giao trinh
anhnguyen991988: no doubt, chinese and korean are neighbours.
anhnguyen991988: both use "symbollic" languages.
GiotDang_KoRea: con trai han la ga cogn nghiep
Capapied: I tried to learn Korean once...I could would not work in my mind
anhnguyen991988: First, learn to read, to write and to speak.
GiotDang_KoRea: dep trai cugn ko han osam
GiotDang_KoRea: cao to thi la dieu chac
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: poc nguoi thi chuan
GiotDang_KoRea: haah
anhnguyen991988: r they cloned?
anhnguyen991988: or clones?
GiotDang_KoRea: dugn roi
GiotDang_KoRea: cao an chac viet nam
Capapied: They are tall in south korea, short in noeth korea..vry strange
anhnguyen991988: Commie
anhnguyen991988: well-nourished in south korea.
anhnguyen991988: ill-nourished in north korea.
Capapied: They don't get enough food in th north when they are growing up
GiotDang_KoRea: hinh cua osama nhin cugn phogn tran qua ne
anhnguyen991988: But... the richer are not the better.
anhnguyen991988: Sometimes, ppl wish to be poor.
Capapied: people are people anhnguyen
GiotDang_KoRea: sao ali muon ngheo
anhnguyen991988: Heard about the egyptian revolution on the news today?
anhnguyen991988: I think that I know why the government tries to block facebook and some other disqualified social networks.
Capapied: Its a choice they have to make///be capitalistic and rich, or socialist and poor hehehe
Capapied: anhnguyen, the whole revolution was organized on facebook and the net
anhnguyen991988: Can't say that political changes may bring better hopes to vietnamese people.
Capapied: I think Viet Nam took the first step and China is following hehehe
anhnguyen991988: There are signs that vnmese ppl resist political changes strongly.
Capapied: It is an old habit...the giant to the north
anhnguyen991988: Oh, hope that it wouldn't last as long as the Roman regime.
Capapied: Texas
omegaman0079: why
omegaman0079: it's ok
anhnguyen991988: Roman Empire (BC -> AD)
omegaman0079: freedom of speach
omegaman0079: ok
anhnguyen991988: peach!
anhnguyen991988: Yeah, fight for freedom of peach!
Capapied: hehehe
anhnguyen991988: Lord.
anhnguyen991988: can talk all day long about politics but... nothing will change without actions.
Capapied: I am not really a capitalist, I don't have enough money to be a capitalist hehehe
anhnguyen991988: An image that I may doubt is not copiable in terms of vietnamese political education.
Capapied: USA is becoming more socialist and CHina is becoming more capitalist
Capapied: Sure I do
anhnguyen991988: Yes.
anhnguyen991988: socialism is different than communism.
Capapied: Communuism has never existed anywhere in modern times
anhnguyen991988: socialism is good
Capapied: Just different kinds of socialism
anhnguyen991988: communism is bad
anhnguyen991988: dictatorship.
Capapied: Communism in the true sense is beautiful
Capapied: There is no government under teur communism
anhnguyen991988: Noah, Socialism in pure form is beautiful.
Capapied: true
anhnguyen991988: Karm Marx invented Socialism.
anhnguyen991988: , not communism.
anhnguyen991988: Lenin invented Communism, in fact.
anhnguyen991988: "A bettered" version of socialism in his opinion.
Capapied: The problem is socialism is often betrayed by the elite (the party) and totalitarian dictatorship (like N, Korea) happens
GiotDang_KoRea: chao ca nha nha
GiotDang_KoRea: osama
osamahiep: vang
anhnguyen991988: The original idea of socialism is that there are no central party ruling the societies.
GiotDang_KoRea: out xuogn day heop gap lai
osamahiep: goodbye anh
osamahiep: vang
GiotDang_KoRea: hoc tot nha hiep
Capapied: totalitarian the Soviet Union had is different from European socialism
lan_phuong159: bb
osamahiep: vang
osamahiep: tks a
GiotDang_KoRea: co diep len an san goi anh
GiotDang_KoRea: so anh ne
osamahiep: vang
anhnguyen991988: On the rise, sadly.
osamahiep: so' cua anh la`
GiotDang_KoRea: 010 5784 5177
osamahiep: ok a
Capapied: at the base of the skull
GiotDang_KoRea: bb hiep nha
GiotDang_KoRea: a anh ten khoa
osamahiep: vang
Capapied: I am a TEXAN omega
osamahiep: bye a Khoa
anhnguyen991988: Possibly, any texan owns a gun
Capapied: We have our own country yhehe
GiotDang_KoRea: bb hiep
anhnguyen991988: Hey, cowboy!
Capapied: We were an independent country from 1835-1845
Capapied: in the body hehehe
Capapied: I udsed to know all hat
anhnguyen991988: Thyroid?
Capapied: throat
anhnguyen991988: great.
Capapied: You are working down from the top around the spine, down the throat soon into the thorax
anhnguyen991988: Any ghost story there?
Capapied: hehehehehe
Capapied: over the liver
anhnguyen991988: I think that I get the hang of it.
Capapied: also on the liver
Capapied: where they should be
anhnguyen991988: no ideas here.
Capapied: brain
Capapied: temple
Capapied: anvil, stirrup in the ear
Capapied: your volume dropped
Capapied: Weed in Texas comes from Mexico
Capapied: yes
Capapied: nope
osamahiep: weed
osamahiep: I heard that Mr. Bush also used that
osamahiep: hehe
Capapied: I never smoked it and I never will again omega
Capapied: Figure it out hehehe
Capapied: exit polls show 80 percent of soldiers who went to vietnam smoked pot there
Capapied: all war is terrible
Capapied: Oh, the guerillas were defeated in 1968....later the North Vietnamese regulars reunified Viet Nam
Capapied: Yes, guerilla war is the only answer for an undeveloped nation to use agaist a developed nation
Capapied: But it is a necessity not the best choice
Capapied: terrorism never achieves its objectives
Capapied: Its just a political statement
Capapied: It accomplishes nothing
Capapied: Sure, it is dangerous and miondless...killing for the sake of killing
Capapied: The cause of Islam has been done more damage by the radicals than anythinbg the west could do
Capapied: Yes, the radicals violate every tenent of the Koran and try to justify it
Capapied: Most were Saudis
Capapied: a couple of Yeminis
Capapied: That isn'ty true
Capapied: Lots of Jews and Muslims were killed there
Capapied: Thats an urban myth
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