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@2 Paltalk Conversation Pieces

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1 @2 Paltalk Conversation Pieces on Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:56 pm

Marco_wi: 18
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hey hiep
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: xin chao!
zic zac_: Hi AlLe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: u can say im 18 marco [ this summer i'll be ]
osamahiep: xin chao there
osamahiep: what's wrong with the mic
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: u can't hear music?
osamahiep: that's not music,@
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: sound like robot speaking
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it's modernized americ
an music
VICTOR2040: Yes, we can
VICTOR2040: hear it
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: a robot?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: alright then here
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: wait
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: cumbiaaaas
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: from mexico!!!!!!!!
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: better hiep?
VICTOR2040: from mexico
osamahiep: let me show u
osamahiep: how bad was ur sound
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: awww maybe it's just ur side
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ok then mics urs
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i think victor liked my cumbias
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ohhhh
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hmmmmmm
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: maybe it was too close
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: maybe,who knows
osamahiep: haha
osamahiep: 1
osamahiep: better
Marco_wi: 1
osamahiep: u don't sound like a robot
osamahiep: ah`
osamahiep: ^^^
osamahiep: ur vietnamese is just limit to a few words
osamahiep: that disappointed me
osamahiep: lolz
osamahiep: hod on,let me check my sound in another room
osamahiep: one sec
osamahiep: ok
osamahiep: back
osamahiep: how is ur online english class
osamahiep: going on
osamahiep: and ur website
osamahiep: and did they make payment?
osamahiep: great
osamahiep: very low
osamahiep: I guess, that's a song
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: niiiicie
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: nice*
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: u understand it?
osamahiep: no
osamahiep: not a bit
osamahiep: it sounds like Korean
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: maybe it's japanese or chinese
osamahiep: ah yes
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it doesn't look vietnamese ..the writing
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: that's KOREAN
osamahiep: pretty damn good
osamahiep: Steph
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: u understand this?
osamahiep: can u tell me the difference in pronunciation of KOREA and CAREER?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: is that vn?
osamahiep: yes,think so
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yayyy it actually sounds cool
osamahiep: I don't think so
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i do

osamahiep: many viet songs copy Korean songs
osamahiep: it doesn't sound nice because ur speaking is making strange noise
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ohhh
osamahiep: haha
osamahiep: metalllic sound
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: Korea
osamahiep: ah
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: core-- ria
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: career
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: kuh- rear
osamahiep: ah`, I see
osamahiep: core ria
osamahiep: kuh rear
osamahiep: tks yep
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: 11111111111
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: now
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: vang!!!!
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: say career again
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yeah but with career--- end with the er
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: pronounce this
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: kore-- ree- uhh KOREA
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yes
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ok now this...
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: cuh-- ree er CAREER
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: very close
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: kuuuh
osamahiep: hehe

osamahiep: ^^^
osamahiep: haha
osamahiep: okay
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it's important you say the vowels [ a e i o u ] right
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yay!
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: stephy
Romaissa-J: since when do you own a room aaliyah lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i know
Romaissa-J: really
Romaissa-J: ok
Romaissa-J: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: korea
Romaissa-J: are you Asian aalyah?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: do i sound asian?
Romaissa-J: lol
nguyenvan_dung20: Ale
Romaissa-J: what are you
nguyenvan_dung20: ??
osamahiep: yes
Romaissa-J: enlighten me
nguyenvan_dung20: where are you from?
osamahiep: ko khoe?
Romaissa-J: hahaha
osamahiep: toi khong biet
osamahiep: hehe
osamahiep: khoe?, tks
Romaissa-J: you are Asian aren't yiu
Romaissa-J: you
osamahiep: em yeu anh?
nguyenvan_dung20: you come from mecico???
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: how do you say i dont know
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: in vn
osamahiep: toi^i kho^ng bie^'t
osamahiep: means I don't know
osamahiep: or Em khong biet'
osamahiep: or Anh ko biet'
osamahiep: depends on the pronoun
osamahiep: right
osamahiep: anh: for man
osamahiep: hahaha
nguyenvan_dung20: osamahiep
osamahiep: you are EM all the time
osamahiep: lolz
osamahiep: omg,I don't know
osamahiep: that means you're GAY
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: mics urs
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: to say?
lkg131: hi, guys
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: since im a female---do i say em even if im talking to a guy?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i'll say something in cambodian ^^
osamahiep: em <> chi.
osamahiep: anh <>em
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yup
da past is gone forever: lol
da past is gone forever: hi
osamahiep: cambodian is not my major
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: never say kadaa cuz it means the guy's umm u know lol
osamahiep: no, we don't understand each other
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: jem ot min loi
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i dont got any money
da past is gone forever: wat's goin on everybody?
osamahiep: cambodian language is going on,da past
osamahiep: the sound is muffled
osamahiep: yes
sparrow123_1: yes
osamahiep: only u
sparrow123_1: ;0
osamahiep: time is up
GilsonBrazil: sshshshshhshshshhs!
GilsonBrazil: my wife is around here!
GilsonBrazil: hehehehehe
GilsonBrazil: hey everyone!!!
GilsonBrazil: no, I'm in SP
GilsonBrazil: in a secure place, hhehehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: does she understand english???
sparrow123_1: HI!!
GilsonBrazil: no
sparrow123_1: hehe
Disam: hello everybody!!!
GilsonBrazil: so good to hear you, Ninja!
GilsonBrazil: lol
sparrow123_1: AALLYA where you live
sparrow123_1: ?
sparrow123_1: where U come from
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: guesssss
sparrow123_1: heh
osamahiep: Steph,I'm in career now
sparrow123_1: yours accent suggest
sparrow123_1: USA or england
sparrow123_1: but
sparrow123_1: heh
sparrow123_1: I know
sparrow123_1: hehe
Disam: philipiness
GilsonBrazil: hehehehe
nguyenvan_dung20: Cambodia
GilsonBrazil: great bri-ish
nguyenvan_dung20: I remember that
Disam: india
nguyenvan_dung20: Korea?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: usa or uk
sparrow123_1: Bangladesh
sparrow123_1: ??
GilsonBrazil: BRB
sparrow123_1: egipt
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ever hear this song before?
osamahiep: turn off please
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol why
osamahiep: muffled still the sound is
sparrow123_1: noo
nguyenvan_dung20: no
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: worse
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ?
osamahiep: better
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: louder and then it covers the muffled sound
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yeah it's my speakers
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
nguyenvan_dung20: I wanna listening sound of yours
nguyenvan_dung20: you know.I often listen to music
nguyenvan_dung20: and now
nguyenvan_dung20: it's not necessary
sparrow123_1: aaa
lkg131: rhythm of rain
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: classicals
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: american?
nguyenvan_dung20: this is a song in a advertisement of chewing gum
osamahiep: not sure
lkg131: double arrow gum
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it sounds like classical music
osamahiep: ah yes
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it sounds like old american music
nguyenvan_dung20: It's so good
nguyenvan_dung20: I also like it
osamahiep: right on,steph
osamahiep: how do u know
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: the way they used to sing when my parents grew up
osamahiep: lolz
osamahiep: do'
osamahiep: that's his vietnamese
osamahiep: mot. bai nay nhe,sau do' roi di an luon
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: the type of music atleast
nguyenvan_dung20: she can't understand what you wrote by vietnamese,Osama
sparrow123_1: what is the name this song
nguyenvan_dung20: Osama
nguyenvan_dung20: nothing to hear
osamahiep: I don't know either,sparrow
nguyenvan_dung20: ok
sparrow123_1: ahh ok
osamahiep: it's about to end,
osamahiep: she is translating that text,dung
osamahiep: lol
sparrow123_1: somethink like - what hurts the most Eliot Jamin
osamahiep: ur mike
nguyenvan_dung20: Eliot Jamin??
osamahiep: it's done
sparrow123_1: Yes
osamahiep: that's not my voice
osamahiep: hehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yesss
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: im here
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: usa
sparrow123_1: no no no Rscal Flats
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yup
sparrow123_1: hhe my mistake
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: hehe
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: r u cambodian?
osamahiep: he's telling lie,
sparrow123_1: but Yamin is also good
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: oi troi oi! lol
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ban co khoe khong?
sparrow123_1: like aerosmith and flyleaf
osamahiep: you don't have enough credit for being an asian,Steph
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol hiep
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i haven't really learned it
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: just a couple words
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: naah
osamahiep: she did
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: first on my list is mexico
sparrow123_1: practice your english its best way to be the best
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: next...brasil......
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
sparrow123_1: no
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: then back to mexico
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
osamahiep: no,she wont
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i know some vietnamese people
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: no i didn't
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i want to
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yup
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: no
osamahiep: many tourists come and go without desire to come back to Vietnam
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: from hiep
osamahiep: lolz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lolol i've known him for a long time
osamahiep: I don't understand him, what about u? steph
osamahiep: lolz
osamahiep: oh gosh,he left a gain
sparrow123_1: osama why you laughing he just learning
sparrow123_1: he have to improve english skill
sparrow123_1: not fair
osamahiep: I didn' t mean his english, just his mean
lkg131: unfair
sparrow123_1: you told you dont understand him
lkg131: how many foreign languafs do you leran?
osamahiep: yes,I did
sparrow123_1: Aalya stop smile
sparrow123_1: hehe
osamahiep: lolz
sparrow123_1: its joke
sparrow123_1: hahahaa
sparrow123_1: I also learn and please treat me alright
sparrow123_1: guys
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: 111
lkg131: yes, we can
sparrow123_1: I heay you clear
sparrow123_1: ok
sparrow123_1: haha
sparrow123_1: poland betwee n germany and russia
sparrow123_1: come from poland
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: yup?
sparrow123_1: beautiful small countru
osamahiep: 5
sparrow123_1: where U come from osama?????
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i've stayed up a whole night... a whole day, another night, and the day til the early afternoon and fell asleep for almost 24 hours exactly looool [til next morning]
sparrow123_1: ??
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: when i was younger
Truly Madly Deeeply: yo' ninja girl
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: during the summer'
Truly Madly Deeeply:
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i had alooot of coffeee
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: for realz
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: welcome truly, hwa, sparow , lkg, marco, hiep
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: sure hiep
sparrow123_1: people from around the world on paltalk
osamahiep: what is ur time now?
osamahiep: yes,3 days without sleep and u need 24hr break
osamahiep: lolz
osamahiep: 8 x 3 = 24
nguyenvan_dung20: I am very sorry
osamahiep: that's not ur fault, don't worry
osamahiep: lolz
sparrow123_1: stop disturbing its all ok
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: jj u had ur hand up
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: not sure
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
lkg131: till now no topic
lkg131: up to you
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: im downloading music
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: ^^
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: how old r u jjwdw?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: im downloading all kinds
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: nope
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: not with this website
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: freeee
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: for now.,..
sparrow123_1: osama can I introducing myself on the mic in few words?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: til they shut it down like they did limewire
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: introduce*
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: raise ur hand sparrow
sparrow123_1: thanks
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: wanna hear an 80's song after sparrow takes mic?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: where did you say you're from ?
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: polaaand
osamahiep: 1
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it has a small buzzing sound but i can hear ya
sparrow123_1: hehe
sparrow123_1: like a wasp
sparrow123_1: haha
osamahiep: play it
sparrow123_1: ok
osamahiep: sound quality
osamahiep: lol
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: just listen loool
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: im sure u hear the basic part of it
osamahiep: yes, it sounds like Joy or Modern TAlking music
osamahiep: electronic music
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it's 80's love music
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: don't you want me baby---human league
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: i like it cuz the story
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: did you notice it?
frosalind58: hi just visiting
AaLeYaH19MeXiCo: it's a guy with a guitar singing this 1 , almost like a mix between rock and rap

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2 Re: @2 Paltalk Conversation Pieces on Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:59 pm

a real gangsta = a real RAPPER

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3 Re: @2 Paltalk Conversation Pieces on Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:34 pm

thao16: hic
ti hon_33: haaa
ti hon_33: chuc mung chu demon
demon_1306: chu' con co hieu co.p noi gi dau
ti hon_33: =))
tvkcem: cop di rau
thao16: zou le
ti hon_33: con bi te
ti hon_33:
LeMatTieuThu: . ngay nao cung an banh mi` het, minh o*'n qua', mi`nh the`m an co*m ...
thao16: tihon gio tay lai di
demon_1306: read
demon_1306: ma con nghe cai gi a'
LeMatTieuThu: I eat bread Everyday.....
Alert: You have invited tuanbksh
Alert: You have invited luckygirl_8
LeMatTieuThu: I have bread every single day
sner01: I'm dying for rice for I'm tired of eating bread everyday
LeMatTieuThu: I miss rice...
osamahiep: hay qua' co
LeMatTieuThu: co7: 10 diem
LeMatTieuThu: demond: 1 diem
LeMatTieuThu: cop: 5 diem
Mr_doremon: 3
demon_1306: hên
tvkcem: giot len di
demon_1306: moi hom zero ko ah
thao16: 1
giotdang89: da
giotdang89: co gi co
tvkcem: say something
giotdang89: conlen ha
demon_1306: troi woi
giotdang89: con
tvkcem: giot len di giot
demon_1306: con chua dich ma`
sner01: cau dich cua cobay que^ mua` chi? du`ng cho hai lua' thoi
crazy_love278: kiu ban. giot. nghe mac' cu*i`
demon_1306: con muô'n
giotdang89: da
sner01: kkkkkkkk
giotdang89: ten cun com cua thao la gi
giotdang89: con dc rieng cho thao ha co
demon_1306: room na`y toan 2 lu'c ko thay Ba'
thao16: ko doc ra room ban ah
crazy_love278: co oi demond chua duoc doc tieng anh cho ban kia dich
demon_1306: lu'a
giotdang89: kkkkk
crazy_love278: Co oi!!!!!
tvkcem: ;d
demon_1306: crazy, minh la hoc sanh bi. hâ't hu?i
crazy_love278: hjx
giotdang89: da
giotdang89: con len ha
giotdang89: da
crazy_love278: not fair
crazy_love278: hjx
tvkcem: o` o`
LeMatTieuThu: nghe
tvkcem: i miss you!
demon_1306: giotdang
crazy_love278: unfair cho ban demond qua'
thao16: ban remon khac
LeMatTieuThu: dung roi
thao16: uh
crazy_love278: chua bun` voi' ban
LeMatTieuThu: = tieng anh
LeMatTieuThu: doc o day, trong phong nay
thao16: ban demon kia bi me. bat di ngu nen ban ay di ngu rui
demon_1306: cam on ban crazy
LeMatTieuThu: no' nghe, rau no' len dich la.i cho co7
thao16: ban doc di de to dich tieng Viet
demon_1306: minh bo co 7 na.t nô. quen ru`i
tvkcem: o`o`
thao16: cu noi ra room
tvkcem: noi minh Thao nge thoi
LeMatTieuThu: thi cung nhu vay thoi
thao16: ban cam mic va noi
tvkcem: o`o`
LeMatTieuThu: noi di con
LeMatTieuThu: troi dat
crazy_love278: lolz
LeMatTieuThu: sao con khai ra
thao16: dun tiet lo de`
LeMatTieuThu: cau nay khoong hop le
LeMatTieuThu: xuog lap tuc
ti hon_33: chieu hom qua tui den thu dzien
crazy_love278: lolz
crazy_love278: =)
ti hon_33: =))
crazy_love278: i chet' cha
Mr_doremon: brang
crazy_love278: =))
LeMatTieuThu: xuong lap tuc
tvkcem: bring
osamahiep: co 7 cho con cau tieng' viet. voi
ti hon_33: den thu dzien de muon sach
coithuc: brouht
ti hon_33: sau do dem ve doc ma ko tra
ti hon_33: =))
LeMatTieuThu: ok, con jotay omahiep
thao16: again
demon_1306: sao lu'c nao minh di hoc cung bi gia'o dzien hâ't hu?i hê't vâ.y
Mr_doremon: xuong
osamahiep: vang
LeMatTieuThu: thao len di
giotdang89: kkkkkkk
thao16: da
giotdang89: thao tro giup di
LeMatTieuThu: nghe
Mr_doremon: iiihi
Mr_doremon: bring
osamahiep: ban. o vung nao the' thao
Mr_doremon: ...
LeMatTieuThu: roi, sao nua?
giotdang89: brang
LeMatTieuThu: con dich lai
LeMatTieuThu: con dich lai toan bo
ti hon_33: haaaaaa
giotdang89: co 7 cho luon
giotdang89: khoi muon
LeMatTieuThu: hihihi
crazy_love278: lolz
demon_1306: ko duoc
LeMatTieuThu: rau, 2 dua: zero
LeMatTieuThu: xuong LT
crazy_love278: hon~
crazy_love278: nat. co 7
crazy_love278: =)
thao16: da
ti hon_33: haaaaaaaaa
giotdang89: tho vien
LeMatTieuThu: ... hom qua minh di tho* vien va mang dia` mot dong sach hay, ban co' thich thi qua nha minh doc...
thao16: sao ban noi gi ma rent
giotdang89: con co di thu vien,nhg ko co muon sach,kkkkkkkkkk
Alert: You have invited luckygirl_8
giotdang89: kkkkkkk
LeMatTieuThu: ong Do Dau da bo nghe lam thuoc Nam, nay ong don ve Nha trang de o
giotdang89: lend
giotdang89: muon
giotdang89: chu ko phai thue
claken10: hi
demon_1306: te' qu'a dau do'n
crazy_love278: yesterday i went to the library and brang a lots of interesting books,would you like to read it?,come here
crazy_love278: brought
thao16: sach hay ma co
LeMatTieuThu: I brought home alot of books/ many books/ from the library
osamahiep: a pile of books: mot. dong' sach'
osamahiep: dung ko co
demon_1306: co 7: RCC
SallyHL: chao co7
SallyHL: chao Thay
SallyHL: hello everyone
giotdang89: hi,sis sally
SallyHL: lol
thao16: I went to the library yesterday. I brought home many interesting books from the bibrary.
SallyHL: em cung tha^'t ho.c lau roi
SallyHL: lol
SallyHL: hi giot
osamahiep: I went to the library yesterday, and brought home a great deals of interesting books
thao16: would you like to read them come to my home plz
crazy_love278: khuc' sau: if you would like to read it,you could come here
giotdang89: lau roi moi gap sis sally
demon_1306: except me
crazy_love278: brought
giotdang89: brought
SallyHL: brought
SallyHL: da
osamahiep: If you would like to come and see, please drop over my house. ^^
SallyHL: yeah, giot
LeMatTieuThu: I brought lot of interesting book from library, come and join us if you like.
LeMatTieuThu: come and join me
LeMatTieuThu: enjoy
LeMatTieuThu: co7: 10 diem
LeMatTieuThu: bon con: dua cao nhut : 3
demon_1306: except me
LeMatTieuThu: let det: 1,
thao16: con len dich tieng anh
thao16: ben con cung muon roi
demon_1306: <----sap khu`ng rùi n` co 7
LeMatTieuThu: sner01
SallyHL: lolz
Alert: You have invited luckygirl_8
ti hon_33: vay dang xui hay hen co bei
giotdang89: lau roi thay ba
ti hon_33: kakak
giotdang89: ko day ma
giotdang89: thay ba dau co chiu day nua
slipshod: hahahahaha
crazy_love278: lolz
SallyHL: lol
crazy_love278: 11111111111111111111111111
slipshod: co 7 cu' da' thay ba' ra
giotdang89: 1
thao16: con 11
slipshod: thay day ngay
giotdang89: 11111
Mr_doremon: 1...1
giotdang89: kkkkkkkk
thao16: co cho con len
SallyHL: lolz
giotdang89: sis sally day di
giotdang89: sis sally la de tu cua thay ba ma
SallyHL: nga`i dang lo chuyen da.i su*.
SallyHL: lolz
LeMatTieuThu: kinh ngu*`
crazy_love278: lolz
slipshod: kkkkk
LeMatTieuThu: khi do*?
SallyHL: S. di hoc dc thoi, Giot
SallyHL: U*u ai dac biet co7
thao16: thao
demon_1306: co 7 hi?n ko cac ban?
slipshod: co 7 da' thay ba' di
demon_1306: co 7 hiê`n ko cac ban?
thao16: co 7 gui bao thao dich
slipshod: da' xong cai'
slipshod: thay len ngay
demon_1306: room: KHÔNG
ti hon_33: trui
giotdang89: thao doc cho con viet ha
ti hon_33: den phien con muh
ti hon_33: hixxxx
ti hon_33: nay h con gio tay wai
thao16: 1
demon_1306: co 7, con miss co 7
ti hon_33: ko kiu con lka sao
demon_1306: con love co 7
crazy_love278: ok
ti hon_33: gio ca buoi tau rau
thao16: da
ti hon_33: hixxx
tvkcem: ua
tvkcem: sao nay gio ko thay tihon doc nhu
Mr_doremon: gd
Mr_doremon: giotdabg
Mr_doremon: hiii
Mr_doremon: da
crazy_love278: ok
giotdang89: gi doremon
Mr_doremon: co goi
Mr_doremon: thao nhe tay giumn
LeMatTieuThu: con dung co' doc cai de ra
giotdang89: uhm
demon_1306: co 7, con dâ'u voi ai?
LeMatTieuThu: giot dang bi fat.
giotdang89: vay thao doc di
giotdang89: giotdang ghi
LeMatTieuThu: vi no' tiet lo^. de^` ra ngoai
LeMatTieuThu: troi dat
Mr_doremon: okay
LeMatTieuThu: tieng My~
LeMatTieuThu: con dich ra tieng My~
giotdang89: kkkkk
LeMatTieuThu: doremon dich ra tieng Viet
giotdang89: chet gd lun
LeMatTieuThu: alot of money??? mo p hat
tvkcem: ghi tieng viet ra
tvkcem: ko dc dc tieng anh thi doc tieng viet
LeMatTieuThu: rau chua?
tvkcem: vay thi giot moi hieu
crazy_love278: noi' lai di
crazy_love278: hjx
giotdang89: DC TIEGN VIET DI
LeMatTieuThu: doremond len dich ra tieng Viet
giotdang89: CHO CA NHA GHI LUON
Mr_doremon: okauy
Mr_doremon: ca2 cung len
LeMatTieuThu: con dau voi doremon
Mr_doremon: hii
LeMatTieuThu: cho doremond len dich
LeMatTieuThu: giot len sau
LeMatTieuThu: co7 love con, giot
Mr_doremon: ai bao avay dau.......
Mr_doremon: dco ali
giotdang89: NGHE NHO
giotdang89: CA NHA CONGHE RO KO
giotdang89: CO
LeMatTieuThu: co'
giotdang89: NGHE
LeMatTieuThu: ro vo cung
LeMatTieuThu: con dich di
LeMatTieuThu: em no' noi thu*' gi?
crazy_love278: k CO"
LeMatTieuThu: toi de danh rat nhieu tien???
LeMatTieuThu: mo phat
LeMatTieuThu: tuc hoc ma'u
ti hon_33: trau wau
LeMatTieuThu: co7 love con
LeMatTieuThu: xuong lap tuc
ti hon_33: nghe duoc het lien
giotdang89: KKKKKKK
tvkcem: co 7 dung tuc'
giotdang89: SAO CO TUC
ti hon_33: ko ngeh duoc gi ca
giotdang89: TOI TON NHIEU TIEN
tvkcem: ko tot cho suc khoe
ti hon_33: nho xiu
Mr_doremon: hixxx
Mr_doremon: lan sau co gang vay thao ahhh
LeMatTieuThu: .... thang nay minh xai tien hoi nhieu, thang sau minh phai xai it lai, neu khong minh se khong du tien de sinh hoat...
Mr_doremon: thao bao spend ahh
giotdang89: SPENT
Mr_doremon: hii
giotdang89: LA TON TIEN
LeMatTieuThu: .... thang nay minh xai tien hoi nhieu, thang sau minh phai xai it lai, neu khong minh se khong du tien de sinh hoat...
Mr_doremon: ngh de danh ahh
Mr_doremon: this month
Mr_doremon: then
LeMatTieuThu: next one, next month
giotdang89: SAVE MONEY
LeMatTieuThu: one
giotdang89: MOI LA DE GIANH
demon_1306: co 7, con phai di ngu ru`i
demon_1306: 1h roi
LeMatTieuThu: spent too much
LeMatTieuThu: spent a lot of
osamahiep: overspending cung duoc phai ko co
LeMatTieuThu: a lot
LeMatTieuThu: alot
LeMatTieuThu: save....
giotdang89: SAVE KO DC HA CO
LeMatTieuThu: tiet kiem lai
LeMatTieuThu: tieu fa it lai
LeMatTieuThu: nhi'n nhi'n lai...
crazy_love278: spend less
osamahiep: SPend less for next month
osamahiep: have a tight control over my budget
osamahiep: hihi
LeMatTieuThu: .... thang nay minh xai tien hoi nhieu, thang sau minh phai xai it lai, neu khong minh se khong du tien de sinh hoat...
LeMatTieuThu: if not?
crazy_love278: unless
osamahiep: If I want to survive well next month
crazy_love278: i don't have enough money to do for living
LeMatTieuThu: will?
LeMatTieuThu: won't?
giotdang89: KKKKKKKK
ti hon_33: trau
giotdang89: CHOY
ti hon_33: cai giong cuoi cua co 7
giotdang89: CO 7 CUOI KIA
ti hon_33: kakka
LeMatTieuThu: money
LeMatTieuThu: 1
LeMatTieuThu: Money
LeMatTieuThu: men mo ithay BA
LeMatTieuThu: Money thay
ha_bae2908: thay
LeMatTieuThu: bua nay hoc mot chu tien thau
crazy_love278: lolz
ha_bae2908: con da quay ve kip
crazy_love278: troi1
crazy_love278: troi`
crazy_love278: troi1 troi1
LeMatTieuThu: hihihihi
ti hon_33: trau
ti hon_33: co 7 me
LeMatTieuThu: cam on thay Ba' vo cung
ha_bae2908: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
ti hon_33: e co bei phong
ha_bae2908: dau bung
ti hon_33: chu ba noi sai rau
ha_bae2908: do*`
ha_bae2908: van do*`
LeMatTieuThu: a lot / much/ some
sner01: a lot of money
sner01: or too much money
sner01: too much money
crazy_love278: lolz
LeMatTieuThu: too much: than phien
crazy_love278: mnoi' bt di thay oi
ha_bae2908: vut la con j
crazy_love278: =)
ti hon_33: ti hon di kho kho day
LeMatTieuThu: bon con chep xuong, va ghi nho*'
ti hon_33: bii thay ba
ti hon_33: co 7
ti hon_33: sisi Thao
LeMatTieuThu: bye ti
ti hon_33: 7 ngay
ha_bae2908: vit j 200k 1 con
LeMatTieuThu: con o lai hoc, va nho*' bai
ti hon_33: uki
ti hon_33: con hoc xong cai nay rui ngu
sner01: that's too much
ti hon_33: gan 1h30 roai
ti hon_33: kakak
sner01: I'm not buying it
LeMatTieuThu: that's too much : than fien vi qua' dac
LeMatTieuThu: hihihi, co7 tron tria.
sner01: oh that's a lot of money
nguyenducminhchinh: nat' ruot.
LeMatTieuThu: do', bon con thay chu*a, cang hoc cang thay kho', va hay
LeMatTieuThu: that's a lot of money: khen no' giau
Mr_doremon: hiiiiiiii
LeMatTieuThu: rau, co7 dang save lai
sner01: too much money
zZz Thien Vu zZz: sac
egregious: kkkk
ha_bae2908: con dem duoc
ha_bae2908: tien con dem duoc
egregious: xong phim
ha_bae2908: khiep
LeMatTieuThu: chi'nh xac, thay BA'
ha_bae2908: nghe gum'
nguyenducminhchinh: facepalm
ha_bae2908: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
LeMatTieuThu: con ngau im, ha` ba'
LeMatTieuThu: con dung choc gheo thay Ba'
nguyenducminhchinh: em dap. dau` dau` vao` tuong` roi`
nguyenducminhchinh: =))))))
egregious: nho long gi thia'?
SallyHL: lolz
ha_bae2908: con dau bung qua
crazy_love278: lolz
crazy_love278: me too
sner01: money uncountable noun
sner01: a lot of
sner01: I ate a lot of ducks today
egregious: kkkk
clicksz: =.=
sner01: I ate too much duck today
clicksz: nghe giong thay khac han trau nay
nguyenducminhchinh: giong. de` neng~
LeMatTieuThu: rau
crazy_love278: sac.
LeMatTieuThu: co7 dang chep chep, ghi ghi
crazy_love278: giong any ma giong da nang
crazy_love278: tui nguoi da nang ne`

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